this bridge, her bot.

This is a conversational bot inspired by the intricacies and concepts of the radical women of color feminist anthology, This Bridge Called My Back. This Bridge, Her Bot is a tool created to combat and examine the labor that women of color are made to engage in in order to educate others. Type "hello" to begin and "bye" to end.

Our mission for this project was to analyze the emotional labor that women, specifically women of color, constantly have to go through because it is expected of them to educate those around them. Not only, were we inspired by This Bridge, but also by the communities that we see on social media such as Twitter and Tumblr. Feminists, social justice activists, and those unafraid to use their voice have utilized these platforms to connect, educate, and build a community with one another where people can discuss their own experiences and knowledge as well as discuss intersectional feminism, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ rights, and more. It is through these mediums that many women of color are made to engage in emotional and digital labor, and we hope that our bot can be used to combat this, or act as a framework to understand how these ideas interact.

Jamiya Leach, Beatrice Dandelions, Camille Chatellenaz